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Congratulations on all the good work, stay creative! -Chris


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holidays
Were in the home stretch
Everyone, let's go, strong finish

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Who would of thought something so simple would give me the most trouble!??? I have spent the last 8 weeks coming back to circles on and off. I had the worst time trying to get this right. Here is what I learned:

Background needed to be on transparent. Every time I would copy my quarters, I could not move them without the white background messing things up!

Make more lines if needed. Once I made my rows, I figured out (the hard way) that adding a few on the end won't hurt. This way when I tried to color them, the fill wouldn't cover my whole page.

Delete the background!!!! That kept getting in the way! So in order for me to move things around to "lock" together, delete that background.

Most importantly I learned that as much as I would like to think, "I've got this down", I don't. I think it was important to pace myself and come back to this project. As much as it frustrated me, I am proud I was able to come back and figure out where I was going wrong! Good Luck Everyone!!! Hope you all had as much fun as I did!!

Jess :-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

These are my 2 favorites from project 13. I could create these all night. I like playing with the color schemes. This is my last post. I found all the projects to be great challenges, and quite the learning experience. I think my next step will be 3d art. Thank you Jerry, and classmates for all the great feedback.

The Celtic knots were very challenging for me. I wanted to do different designs besides circles and could not figure out what to use. It took me for ever to create the half circle knot. I don't think the Olympic circles have anything to do with Celtic knots, however, they are the only things I could think of that linked together like them.

Sorry it took so long to post some stuff for you guys, my trial membership ran out and photoshop elememt wasn't working well. I bought photoshop, they offered a student discount on the adobe website. only thing is it takes a little while for the student verification process. If anyone wants more info let me know.
This was a challenging project that's why I saved it for last. I can see some were very good at it and others had problems. I'm glad I wasn't alone.

This project was pretty neat. I got to make many designs and one even looked like an envelope. I liked this better than the random projects because I came up with the design and colors before I started putting them into the computer and I like how they came out. So you can check them out on fotothing.

Knots!!! took my brain a few days to grasp this one! The over/under really got me! But I realized that layer placement is KEY! You really can't be too random with this one. I liked the challenge and when I got it, started to enjoy creating more knots!

Project 13!

I enjoyed working on these projects! I like creating clean and simple work and this project definitely allows you to do that. I also tried another project with a black background, that was cool! Being able to work color and filters is what I liked best about #13! Okay-last day to get those circles down....yah I know....still working on quarter circles. :-/
I finally got this. Not my best work but I got through it. This letterfrom project was definitly not my forte. Everyone posted such great work. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this journey with everyone in this class. Thanks for the suggestions, support, and wonderful words of encouragement. It was my first on-line class and first time "blogging" and it has been a pleasure. Thank you Jerry for teaching me so much.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Project 13: Proportion

Well class... Alas this will be my our final posts. I'm a little saddened because I have had a great time during this MOD learning from you all and going back to basics due to Jerry's instruction. I thought the syllabus was EXCELLENT. The projects really challenged me to keep this simple and push further into areas that I had not explored before. Jerry, thank you for bringing this course full circle. Our last project was a great one; a perfect ending to the story of form!

I will finally be finishing my degree this MOD (a few more days to go... WOO HOO)! I thank everyone for making this class a wonderful experience. Check out fotothing for my final posts. Don't forget to find art in the simple things. And as I close all my emails, "Life is what's happening right now. What are you creating?"... a masterpiece I hope! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sense of Proportion

I'm very sad that this class is almost over. I'm just getting started! I started this class with great trepidation. I was afraid that I wouldn't be creative enough, or talented enough to do well. I'm so glad I took it because I really learned so much and I didn't do half bad :) Here is my take on the proportion project. You can see the rest on

A Sense of Proportion

I enjoyed creating the forms and balance with this project. Very symbolic and relaxed atmosphere when viewing. These allow the subjectivity of ones mine to focus on the imagination and vision of realism.
original pics and stamp results

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